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Uprising Radio

Uprising Radio

Founding station of Queendom Network

Poetry In the Raw

Poetry In The Raw

Hosted By Sylvia L. Blalock Mondays @ 7PM Pacific

Tasting Poetry with Samuel Benjamin

Tasting Poetry

Author, poet and incredible spoken word artist also known as Complicated Passions


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Uprising Radio presents No Host Barz- call in poetry "speedround"
All poetry No Chit chit

Uprising Radio presents NO HOST BARZ


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Challenge Your Perspective


We invite you to take a step into some serious manifesting. Be a part of a bold solution. 

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We are getting things ready for 2020 and we are excited! We call it the "Year of Seeing Things Clearly" and we are here for it. Send your spoken word tracks about the year 2020 (.mp3 format- 3 min maximum) to tracks@Queendom.Network. We will play them on our shows with full credit to the artist as our continuing effort to promote our community. 

Please include your name and the title of the piece as well as contact links so that we can promote you on our site. 

We look forward to hearing you! 

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